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concentia consulting delivers
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Our expertise adds true value to many organisations, businesses and individuals.

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Coaching Programmes

In general our coaching utilises a combination of face-to-face discussions coupled with telephone support. An initial conversation will agree the most appropriate approach to take depending on the circumstances of the individual and what their outcomes are.

Each one of our coaching programmes is a bespoke plan, designed specifically for the individual and may take six months for example, with one-to-one sessions every month together with a weekly phone call.

Regular reviews take place to ensure that the individual is happy with the process, and comfortable that they are getting what they want from it.

Having your own coach is like having someone help you get better at life. A coach is an expert guide with an unbending focus on helping you think great, act great and feel great. Whether that's to be more successful at what you do, achieve a specific goal, or simply create a lifestyle that you love.

Businesses are successful because of the performance of the people they employ – the ‘Human Capital’ – the most valuable asset a company has. When coaching increases the standards of people's performance - this has dramatic effects on the results of the business. More and more organisations are now harnessing the influence of coaching to appreciably augment the performance of people. At any level of the organisation, effective coaching generates significantly different results.

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